It’s been awhile since I have posted a blog but I have to share a quick story about the most productive 5 minutes I have had in a very long time and it’s all because we are Home Inventory users too!

Most know that Kevin plays and collects guitars. In fact that is how our Home Inventory app came about in the first place, to track his guitars, of which I am sometimes reminded of in the wee hours of the night when his headphones unexpectedly come unplugged while playing very loud. But that’s another story.

Back to the point. I have been meaning to call our insurance agent for a long time to make sure the collection is sufficiently covered in case of unforeseen circumstances. The earthquake this week was mother natures way of telling me to get it done! Us east coasters aren’t used to these things!

So I make a phone call to my agent, who confirms what I suspect. Just like jewelry, musical instruments are limited to $1500 per claim (regardless of how many are damaged, stolen, destroyed, at one time) and require the deductible be met first so indeed a special rider is recommended.

Here is where the most productive 5 minutes in a long time come in, all because of Home Inventory. He needs to know the total value of the collection. I proceed to open Home Inventory, select category Musical Instruments and give him the total. He runs the numbers and replies with a quote. He precedes to explain that he will need a list of the guitars and proof of valuation of each one either through receipt or appraisal. I told him I would see what I could dig up and get back to him. I hang up the phone, run a detail item report selecting category Musical Instruments, save it to PDF and immediately email it to him probably before he has time to get another cup of coffee. The report contains every detail about each guitar including purchase price, condition, photos, value, modifications, and receipts.  All the information for proof of possession and valuation is available immediately.

Information that could have taken weeks to gather took less than 5 minutes.  Now that’s productivity!