If you’re a longtime Home Inventory user, you probably already know that most of the new features and enhancements in our updates come directly from user requests. A case in point is the recent version 2.5 update and our new Home Inventory Mobile Backup companion app, which included the most highly requested features we had received over the prior six months.

As you can probably guess, we receive far more requests than we have the time and resources to address. Also, the list of the most highly requested features changes over time as we continue to enhance our products and add new customers. This means we have to be judicious in picking which items we’re going to work on. While we always strive to handle the more popular requests, we also like to work “down-list” from time to time to make sure other needs aren’t given the short shrift. We are always keenly aware of what features sit atop the request list, so it is some of the less popular items that are the concern of this post.

The two polls below contain features that fall into one of two categories:

  1. Those we haven’t received many requests for, but suspect may be more popular than reflected in the feedback from our customers.
  2. Features that used to be mildly popular, in terms of request volume, but are rarely, if ever, requested these days.

The first poll focuses on Home Inventory for the Mac and the second is geared toward our mobile companion apps, the Home Inventory Photo Remote and Home Inventory Mobile Backup. Please take the time to choose your top three features from each. It will help us a great deal in planning future updates. We’ll leave the polls open through November 30th.

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