I attended the Venture Forum Entrepreneur Fair in Richmond, VA on Friday.  It was a terrific event hosted by Capital One at their headquarters.

We have been working on our messaging and our 60 second ‘elevator  speech’ and this event was a great place to test it out during the ‘Speed Networking’ session.  When asked about keeping a home inventory the response is most often “that’s something I have always planned to do but have not yet” or “I took a video years ago” and the responses Friday were no different.  Also it seems that not being prepared to file an insurance claim or police report in the event of damage, loss, or theft is an after thought in most cases.  In the past, creating a home inventory has been too painful and slow and hard to keep up to date and it is just easier to ignore the risk until something happens at which point it is often too late.

When made aware of a product to help make creating a home inventory and keeping it up to date much quicker and easier than traditional tools and also analyze personal property coverage needs the feedback was extremely positive with comments like “Everyone needs this”, and “Is it available now, I need it”, ‘Where can I get this” and of course “do you have an iPhone/iPad version?”……

Now the hard part — spreading the word so that more people can be prepared before it’s too late.  We’d love your help!  Share with us how you use Home Inventory at contact@binaryformations.com