Under My Roof® version 1.1 is now available. Among other additions and fixes, this update features customizable reports and a user manual to help your insomnia. Key changes include:

  • You can now set a date range for an item report that will only include items purchased within that date range.
  • You can also set a date range for disposed item reports where only items disposed within the given date range are included.
  • Choose which fields are shown in item detail reports.
  • Item-based reports have an option to add a sequential number to each item that appears in the report. This is something required by some insurance adjusters.
  • Choose which sub-sections appear for various elements in a report (for example, whether or not item information should include warranties, repair history, etc).
  • Choose the size of the photos in the report.
  • Choose which field items are sorted by in item-based reports.
  • Filter report items by category, collection, condition, heir, location, and/or tag.
  • Added a new feature to the moving box list to move all of the boxes to a new home.
  • Included the number of items in the current home and other homes in the deletion confirmation panel when deleting a category, collection, condition, heir, location, or tag.
  • Changes to the maximum photo and receipt image size and quality settings will now be synced across your inventory so future changes do not need to be made on each device.
  • Improved the design of the panel for adding a new category, collection, condition, location, or heir while adding/editing an item.
  • Improved auto-capitalization based on the field type on the iPhone and iPad.
  • Improved item selection in the Moving Box Packing Panel on the Mac.
  • Improved coverage inclusion/exclusion selection interface when editing policy coverage entries on the Mac.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing the tab key on a keyboard would tab to the wrong field.
  • Fixed a bug with swiping left to delete or dispose an item in a filtered item list.
  • Fixed a bug where moving an item from a moving box to another home without modifying its location would create a location in the new home with the name of the moving box instead of creating a moving box in the new home.
  • Fixed a bug where you could set a location’s (room’s) parent location to be a moving box.
  • Fixed a bug where Under My Roof could hang when importing a Home Inventory 3 file with NULL category, collection, condition, or location fields.
  • A typo that we missed on the Mac. It says “User Guider” under the Help menu instead of “User Guide”. We’ll fix that in the next update.

You can download the update from the App Store and Mac App Store. Find out more about Under My Roof at undermyroof.app.

Under My Roof is a registered trademark of Binary Formations, LLC.