Under My Roof® Terms of Service


Under My Roof requires a subscription in order to make use of all of its features. Subscription purchases and renewal payments are handled by Apple Inc. via the App Store or Mac App Store. These subscriptions are bound by Apple’s Terms of service. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Should you cancel your subscription, you will still be able to view your inventory, though you may not have the ability to edit or add to you inventory without an active, paid subscription.

Binary Formations cannot directly make changes to your subscription, cancel subscriptions, or issue refunds. All such requests must be made to Apple Inc.

Synced Data

Under My Roof uses Apple’s iCloud service for syncing your inventory data among multiple devices. The amount of iCloud storage available to Under My Roof to store your inventory data depends on your iCloud service plan and how much of your allotted storage has been used for other purposes.

Binary Formations cannot make changes to your iCloud storage plan. Your use of iCloud is bound by Apple Inc.’s terms of service.

Changes to Terms of Service

These terms of service are subject to change. You can check the Binary Formations website for any updates.

Under My Roof is a registered trademark of Binary Formations, LLC