Under My Roof version 1.4.1 is now available for download from the App Store and Mac App Store. This update brings improvements to barcode scanning and maintenance tasks, with a few bug fixes mixed in.

Full List of Fixes and Enhancements

  • Improved camera focusing when attempting to scan a barcode using an iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro, or iPad Pro with a rear triple-camera setup. (iPhone & iPad)
  • We added an additional product lookup service. This will increase the likelihood of being able to find product information when adding a new item via a barcode lookup.
  • Product information lookups from 12-digit UPC-A barcodes are now performed with both the 13-digit EAN variant and the original 12-digit code to increase the likelihood of finding a match.
  • The Serial Number field is now also considered when searching your existing inventory from a barcode scan.
  • Scanning barcodes with the built-in camera no longer interrupts background audio playback. (iPhone and iPad)
  • Maintenance Tasks now include the home when shown in the Maintenance Schedule for an inventory that includes multiple homes.
  • Added a new scheduling type for Maintenance Tasks called At Interval After Completion. This type schedules the next occurrence of a task based on the date it was completed or skipped. This differs from tasks that are scheduled At Regular Intervals, where the next occurrence is based on the due date of the task.
  • You can now edit the Scheduled field for existing Maintenance Tasks.
  • The Scheduled field is now displayed in the Detail View for a Maintenance Task.
  • Binary data export operations will now continue when encountering minor errors instead of stopping the entire export.

Download Link

Under My Roof version 1.4.1 is available through the App Store (iPhone and iPad) and Mac App Store (Mac).