Under My Roof version 1.0.5 is now available. You can download this update from the App Store (iOS) and Mac App Store (Mac).

General New Features and Fixes

  • Import inventory items from a CSV file.
  • Export items from a home to a CSV file.
  • A general import menu in the options sidebar also allows you to import a Home Inventory file as a new home without going to the Inventory Manager screen.
  • New custom field type, Subsection Header, that can be used to create labeled sub-sections within an item field layout.
  • New default field type, Subsection Divider, that can be used to separate fields in a layout with a horizontal line.
  • New warranty term type of ‘Other’ for warranties with terms based on things other than time (such as mileage).
  • The item list search box now gives you the option to filter the item list by just name or by any text-based field.
  • Save All option in the Photos and Receipts view that lets you save all of the photos or receipts for an item, location, etc. at once.
  • Full support for displaying and editing photo and receipt labels.
  • The policy type and home name (if appropriate) is displayed under each policy in the policy list.
  • You can now delete the a default category, condition, or heir if you have multiple defaults in your inventory as a result of enabling sync after creating or importing an inventory and there is already an existing inventory stored in iCloud.
  • Fixed an issue when adding or editing an item where data entered into fields would not be retained when changing the item’s category for those fields that were not a part of the new category’s field layout. So, changing the category back meant having to re-enter those fields.

Mac Version Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the Preferences menu not showing in the menu bar in macOS 11.3
  • Fixed a visual glitch when transitioning to the Policies view from a view that shows the middle pane (usually the item list for a location, category, etc).
  • Fixed a few minor visual glitches.

iOS Version Bug Fixes and Changes

  • The on-screen keyboard is now automatically hidden when selecting crop or rotate in the photo editor.
  • The first letter of each word entered into the photo label field is automatically capitalized.