UPDATE (Nov 10): Thanks so much to everyone who purchased Home Inventory and/or Compartments during this promotion. Thanks to your generosity we were able to make a $400 donation to the American Red Cross.

The first bar I was ever kicked out of was the Peculier Pub in Greenwich Village. I was 19 years old at the time and told the waitress I was a guitar player and lost my ID on tour, but I really was 21 – honest! It would have worked too if I weren’t so shockingly bad at simple arithmetic and came up with a number that would have put me well into middle-age when asked for the year I was born. It all came full circle earlier this year when my wife and I were walking down Bleecker Street and she drew my attention to a bar with a funny name. Her eyesight isn’t the greatest and I told her it didn’t say what she thought it said, but I knew the place. So in we went and twenty years later I had my first beer at the Peculier Pub. This time no one asked me to leave.

I absolutely love New York City and the devastation brought by Hurricane Sandy to New York, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas just broke my heart. Like many us, my wife and I felt helpless as watched news accounts of homes destroyed, power outages, gas lines, and, most unfortunately, the loss of life. There isn’t much we can do so far away, but one thing we can do is raise some money for the relief effort. As we had during the tsunami in Japan and the tornados in the Midwest and Alabama, we are putting Home Inventory on sale an donating all of the proceeds to the American Red Cross.

To help raise even more money for the relief effort, we got in touch with Mike from LittleFin LLC to see if he would join in. Mike has a competing home inventory application called Compartments. It’s great and you should definitely check it out, but what’s important here is that he’s agreed to make Compartments a part of the sale and donate his proceeds to the Red Cross as well.

Today, Friday, November 9th, you can get either (or both!) of these home inventory applications for just $7.99 and all of the money we make from the sale will go to the Red Cross to help those impacted by Hurricane Sandy. If you can help spread the word about this, please do. We would like to raise as much money as possible, so if you would not mind writing your favorite tech blog and letting them know about today’s sale, I would very much appreciate it.

You can find out more about Compartments here:


And of course you can find out more about Home Inventory here: