Home Inventory has been in the new Mac App Store for just over 3 weeks now. Overall we are pleased.  We have learned a lot since we submitted Home Inventory back in early November; some good, some bad, and some still unknown.  We will be sharing some of this with you in the future.   Let’s start with the good!

Volume. This  is the touted advantage of the App Store.  The possibility to reach a much broader audience in a shorter period of time.  And so far it has proven true with a definate increase in sales volume  over our own website.  Just think about it.  Your application is available in a store that is on every Mac and you don’t have to manage the store! That’s like marching every person who reads books through a book store and your book is on the shelf.  All a person has to do is search for you or just browse.  Think of the number of people that may eventually happen upon your book?

Which brings up another point to volume.  The degree of increase in sales volume of a book is in direct relationship to it’s positioning, just as it is in the App Store.  Featured in the ‘just released’ section and you are headed for higher numbers.  Placed  on the front of the book-shelf and you are headed for higher numbers.  Positive reviews by the market place and people will search your book out.

Same holds true in the new Mac App Store.  Picked as a “Staff Favorite” or listed in the “New and Noteworthy” or “What’s Hot” in the App Store and you are definately headed for higher numbers. Positive reviews and people will search your product out.   Which means advertising, marketing and promotion efforts don’t go away with the new Mac App Store.  In fact as the newness wears down and the number of products available increase, this will become even more important.