Today we have had lots of excitement with news of multiple product launches right around the corner. There is the new Apple products announced  – a new iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iOS 7 with tons of new and updated features and much more.

And there is our own new product  to announce! The rumor has been that the Apple announcements were going to be today, so September 9th has been our internal drop dead deadline for code completion of our newest app. I am happy to announce that as of late last night, we are officially code complete on our newest iPhone app designed specifically for iOS 7 (thanks to many late nights by Kevin working his magic!). Now that we know when iOS 7 will launch to the public – September 18th, we have our target release date – September 18. That is of course if the app makes it through the review process. Dear Apple, we are counting on you!

As we finish up the final updates to the art assets, reviewer’s guides, app description, and website changes we will be updating our Twitter and Facebook with more info so make sure to follow.

The hardest part is always getting the media, bloggers, and reviewers to take a look at a new app. This is the area we continually struggle with, regardless of my media stalking efforts. We could really use some help so if you have any favorite online app sites or can get us connected please contact us and be sure to share our upcoming launch news with as many sites and people as you can. We are PR challenged and appreciate your support!

In the meantime – Here is the new app logo (Thank you Tom!)

Too Phat Scale - 512 - Outlined

The first one to post on our Facebook page with the correct purpose of the app will get a free copy on launch day!