Of all the appliances in a home, the refrigerator is the only one we ever purchase the extended warranty for. We’ve learned the hard way it’s not “if” the ice machine stops working, but “when” the ice machine breaks. And this family likes their ice!

Recently, our ice machine went belly up once again but this time I was pretty sure the extended warranty had expired as we’ve had the current refrigerator for years it seems.

In my mind, I was preparing myself for the amount of money it would take to get it fixed or the time it would take for us to break out the YouTube videos and troubleshoot it ourselves which would inevitably end up with calling someone else to fix it.

Those thoughts lasted only a few seconds, thanks to Under My Roof®! We track all of our appliances in the app for situations just like this. Much to my surprise, the extended warranty had 144 days left!! WooHoo!

In the app, we have the phone number to call to request service, the purchase receipt for the needed proof of purchase, the warranty ID and certificate, the make and model, as well as previous repair history. No digging through drawers or file cabinets, and because I had everything right there in front of me, the call to request service was short and sweet and Lowe’s took it from there.

We were contacted within 24 hours by Virginia Electronics and In less than a week, the issue was diagnosed, parts ordered, and the ice maker fixed, all covered by an extended warranty I thought for sure had expired.

Under My Roof saved what likely would have cost us hundreds. And Virginia Electronics did an amazing job getting our ice machine back in business, just in time for summer!

Under My Roof®, the app to manage your home and everything in it, is available for the Mac, iPhone, & iPad on the Apple App Stores.