Having our household belongings digitally documented is something we all need in case of the unexpected; thinks like fire, theft, natural disaster, or severe weather.

In addition to protecting our families financial well-being, a digital inventory also helps us get and stay organized.

With this in mind and spring cleaning right around the corner, here are 5 ways to help eliminate unnecessary paper clutter with a digital home inventory.

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Automobile Maintenance

Keeping receipts for service done to your car is essential in order to prove that the required maintenance schedule was followed when warranty work is needed and is useful if you plan to sell the car in the future. Include the service receipts in your digital inventory and shred the paper copy.

Purchase Receipts

We keep purchase receipts for many reasons (proof of purchase, proof of possession, and proof of value come to mind) but there is no longer a need to keep the paper receipts around. Store them digitally in your inventory and shred the paper copy.

Insurance Documents

Knowing how to get in touch with your insurance agent and details on your personal property coverage is essential in the case of the unexpected. No need to store the policy documents in a safe or physical file cabinet anymore, shred them and store them in your digital inventory and access them with a simple click.


When appliances or other items break we ask ourselves “Is it under warranty? “and dig for the warranty information. No need to keep paper copies of warranties anymore. Shred them and store them digitally in your inventory and know immediately whether the warranty has expired or not and who to contact.

Product Manuals

In the digital age some companies still insist on including product manuals with their product packaging. It’s tempting to keep these, but don’t do it! They can be easily found online. Grab the website link and store it with the item in your digital inventory and shred the manuals. When you need to look up troubleshooting tips, it’s only a click away.

Springtime is a great time to get rid of the unnecessary paper clutter in our home and an digital inventory of our belongings can help us get it done.

Diane Hamilton is the Managing Partner of Binary Formations, a software development company that creates mobile and desktop apps dedicated to increasing household productivity. Binary Formations is the creator of Home Inventory, an award-winning desktop app designed to make creating a digital inventory of your belongings a breeze, used by consumers and professionals worldwide.

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