Almost all of my spare coding time over the past five years has gone to Home Inventory. I had dabbled with doing a second application for Binary Formations, but never got past the early design stages when I realized I just would not have the time to support and update another app and Home Inventory.

Now that I work only part time at my day job, I have more bandwidth to work on Binary Formations than I did before. All of that time, up until recently, has gone exclusively to Home Inventory. The problem is that focusing on one thing and one thing only makes for a very dull programmer and I have been in desperate need for a palette cleanser, so to speak.

While I was on vacation a couple of weeks ago I came up with an idea for a very simple iPhone app that would help me deal with a personal situation I’m going through at the moment. When I say simple, I mean REALLY simple. I decided to give myself a week and a half (four full days, considering I do this part time) to build this thing. Initial coding was finished on Wednesday and after a few minor tweaks, the app is ready to be submitted to app store after it goes through one more round of testing.

I’ll write more about what it is and why I wrote it once it’s up on iTunes. Until then, take a look at some of the artwork below and see if you can figure just what the heck this thing is. Now it’s back to Home Inventory for me.


Dunce Hat