Our customers are putting Home Inventory to use for some pretty cool things. The following is from one of our longtime customers on how he uses Home Inventory to help with his dive trips.

Despite its name (Home Inventory), HI is mainly useful to me out of the home. I got HI specifically to help me create packing lists for dive trips, which are (as you’d guess) logistical challenges to say the least. There are hundreds of separate and expensive items involved since in addition to scuba gear, I also carry underwater photography equipment with me.

I have several types of collections but the ones that are most relevant for airline travel are 1) Carryons, and 2) Checked Luggage. All of the details of each item (make, model, serial number, purchase price, etc.) have already been loaded into HI. It only takes a few minutes to create each collection.

Before each trip, I use HI to generate a custom report that shows both collections. If I’ve added or deleted any items from my pile of gear, I update the report, and then take two copies of the report with me on the road. The report helps ensure that I haven’t forgotten anything critical when I leave, and that I don’t forget anything at the end of the trip when I pack to go home.

It’s been my experience that when airlines misplace your luggage, the second thing they ask when you step up to the baggage counter is “What was in it, and what is your stuff worth?” (The first question is “What did your bag look like?”). I’m now completely prepared for both questions. I can just hand over a copy of my report showing every item in my luggage as well as its value. I can’t say I’m looking forward to that experience, but at least I’m not as worried about it as I used to be, thanks to HI.

Understanding the different ways in which Home Inventory is put to use always gives us ideas for future updates.  What do you use Home Inventory for?  Send us your story at stories@binaryformations.com.