Too Phat is a different kind of weight and body measurement track app. You can also take photos of yourself as you progress to keep you motivated by how far you’ve come.

Take Photos

Take periodic photos of yourself from up to three different angles (front, back, and side). You can use a mirror, have someone else take them for you, or use our Too Phat Remote Cam app to take photos remotely using the camera on a laptop or desktop Mac.

Track Your Weight

Though Too Phat emphasizes the physical changes, it is also very good at tracking the numbers. Its simple weight entry interface is designed for one handed use, so you can quickly and easily enter your weight.

See Your Progress

See how far you’ve come with your weight loss with side by side comparisons of what you looked like when you started and what you look like today.

Too Phat Remote Cam

If you have a Mac, you can use its camera to take photos with our free Too Phat Remote Cam app. Too Phat Remote Cam lets you see a live feed from your Mac’s camera right in Too Phat. Just step into the camera’s frame of view and tap the Take Photo button and the photo is transmitted straight into Too Phat. Simple, easy, and best of all, private.

Download Too Phat Remote Cam from the Mac App Store

Feature Highlights

  • Take photos of your front, back, and side with your device’s camera
  • Import photos from the camera roll
  • Use your Mac to take photos with Too Phat Remote Cam
  • Weight entry optimized for single-handed use (you can choose right or left handed)
  • Side by side visual comparison of your progress
  • Protect your information with a passcode
  • Calculates your body mass index (BMI) and body fat percentage
  • Supports both metric and US units


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