NOTE: Chore-inator was removed from the App Store in the Spring of 2016 and is no longer available for sale.

Created by parents for parents, Chore-inator® brings consistency, accountability, and structure to your household chores. From toddlers to teens and beyond, Chore-inator is designed to grow with your family and is the award winning app for motivating your children to help out around the home.

For Children of All Ages

Chore-inator makes heavy use of your own photos for children, the chores they need to do, and the rewards they can earn. This makes it easy for children who have yet to learn to read, while remaining appealing to older children.

Children simply tap on a photo of themselves to see their chores for the day. They then tap the photo of a chore to mark it complete. Since your photos are used to represent the chore, there is never any question as to what the finished chore should look like. After completing a chore, your child will have the opportunity to take a ‘proof’ photo to show you their handiwork.

Incentives can be tailored to what is most appropriate for each child. An older child might have an allowance whereas a younger child might be able to earn stars that can be redeemed for rewards created specifically for them.

Use it Your Way

Most chore apps let you setup chores on a regular, recurring schedule. Chore-inator does this and more. You can create chores that rotate between two or more children, chores that must be completed within a span of days instead of on a specific day, and bonus chores that can be performed for additional allowance or stars.

Not every household makes use of incentives, but if yours does, Chore-inator supports both allowances and the popular star-based reward system. Make use of one, both, or neither.

Distinct parent and child interfaces are tailored for the task at hand. In child mode, children see their daily chores, check them off, and claim rewards. Parent mode is for configuring chores and rewards, setting up schedules, and managing allowance payments and reward claims. It also keeps you up to date with what’s going on by showing your entire family’s daily chore activity in one simple to understand view.

Build Good Habits

  • Chore-inator shows your child which chores they need to accomplish for the day. This teaches them to work with a to-do list – a useful skill that can be applied to many aspects of life.
  • The star-based reward system provides a powerful incentive for children to work for what they want.
  • Chore-inator shows children all of the rewards they could possibly earn while making it clear which ones they currently have enough stars to claim. This encourages saving.
  • Floating chores and bonus chores teach children about taking initiative when doing chores and going the extra mile.

Increase Accountability

  • Chore-inator shows you which chores have been done and which have not. You can monitor your children’s progress and give them a nudge when needed.
  • Each child see which chores they need to do for the day and can mark them off as they complete them.
  • When a child completes a chore, he or she can (optionally) take a proof photo to show you their handiwork so you can make sure things are getting done the right way even when you are away.
  • Accountability isn’t just for children. Chore-inator lets you know when allowances need to be paid and reward claims need to be approved. There’s never a question wether a child has been paid yet.

What Makes Chore-inator Different?

  • Flexible enough to work with the way most households handle chores and incentives. Chore-inator adapts to you, not the other way around.
  • Whether you are a child checking off chores or a parent managing chores, the interface is designed specifically for the task at hand.
  • Parents can see their entire family’s chore activities and manage allowances and reward claims in one easy to digest view.
  • The interface focuses on showing, not telling, kids what is expected and what they can earn with their hard work, making it quick and easy to understand and adapt to.
  • Keeps moms and dads who are away from home connected.
  • Proof photos allow little ones to show off their work and let older kids prove the work is done satisfactorily.

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