Adam Learns Shapes and Colors is a highly interactive app created to help our own very curious toddler learn his shapes and colors. Each level of the app presents a series of shapes or colors, with audio stating the name of each one as it appears on the screen. It then asks your child to pick out each shape or color shown by touching it on the screen, praising them when they touch the correct one and gently correcting and encouraging them if they touch the wrong one.

NOTE: Adam Learns Shapes and Colors was removed from the App Store and is no longer available for sale.

Feature Highlights

  • A highly interactive learning experience. Your child is an active participant instead of just sitting back and watching.
  • The option to focus on just shapes, just colors, or a mix of both.
  • Richly colored, hand-drawn backgrounds keep things appealing and interesting.
  • Simple animations offer feedback and keep your child engaged without becoming a distraction.
  • Teaches your child 9 basic shapes and 11 basic colors through the use of repetition while progressively adding new shapes and colors the longer your child plays.
  • A clear, kid-friendly voiceover that introduces each shape and color to your child and prompts them on when and how they should participate.
  • On-screen prompts allow parents to follow along and offer encouragement when the volume is turned off.
  • When your child completes a level, they are rewarded with a cheer from the crowd and a bright bouquet of balloons.

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