Like many of you, we have watched today’s news coverage of the earthquake in Japan in absolute shock. I won’t burden you with the details of how much Japan, its people, and its culture have meant to me. Suffice it to say that I have been heavily influenced and inspired by the things that have come out of Japan over the years.

In an effort to do something, we will be donating all of the proceeds from every sale today to the earthquake relief effort. Every single penny. We have not yet chosen the charity as many are still working to setup funds and coordinate their response. Most likely the money will go to the Catholic Relief Services once they get a fund organized. They have an A rating from the American Institute of Philanthropy, a charity watchdog group, and a very low overhead. If you have any suggestions for other charities, please let us know. Low overhead and a great on-the-ground track record are our primary criteria.

In the meantime, our thoughts and prayers are with those who were impacted by this disaster.