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Diane Hamilton, Cofounder & Managing Partner

What is Under My Roof?


Under My Roof is your personal digital assistant for organizing and managing your home and everything in it. It’s an Apple Editors’ Choice pick on both the App Store and Mac App Store and is their “go-to app for organizing a home”.

Beyond just an inventory of your belongings, Under My Roof is useful in your everyday life with features like maintenance schedules, tracking repairs and renovations, insurance analysis and claims tracking, helping with moving, estate planning, and even tracking household supply usage.

Save time and quickly find the information you need in Under My Roof instead of rummaging through junk drawers, boxes of papers, files, and websites. 

Save money by using the maintenance schedule to keep everything running smoothly and avoid costly repairs.

Give yourself peace of mind in knowing you are adequately insured and have proof of possession, should you ever have to file a claim.

Everything home and ‘stuff’ related is easily tracked and available at a moment’s notice on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.



  • Under My Roof is first and foremost a home inventory application at its core. Create a catalog of your home & belongings with descriptive details (make, model, serial number), photos, receipts, documents, warranty information, etc.
  • Whenever you need to look something up, it’s all right there, neatly organized and available in seconds.
  • Data entry is easier with the ability to add items and supplies by scanning barcodes, fill in details with text from receipts, as well as capture text directly from the camera.
  • On the iPhone and iPad, Quick Entry Mode uses object recognition to help you inventory an entire room in minutes and Add From Receipt lets you add a new item by scanning a receipt and selecting text from it to fill in the details.
  • Under My Roof is customizable throughout. You can even add your own custom fields and have a different field layout per category, such as Books with fields for Author, Publisher, and other related details.
  • Powerful insurance policy features help you determine if you are adequately insured. It can handle all of the tricky limits found in many policies, such as the maximum covered value of a single item in a specific category, like jewelry.
  • If you ever need to file a file an insurance or warranty claim, Under My Roof’s claims tracking helps you stay on top of it, by keeping track of everything from any related repairs to out of pocket expenses
  • Store important information about your home from assessment history to warranties to important documents, such as a copy of your deed, platt, or even paint swatches for each room. You can even use your iPhone or iPad to 3D scans of the rooms in your home.
  • Create maintenance schedules for your home and belongings including notifications and supplies needed so nothing is missed.
  • Keep track of household supply purchases and usage so you can make sure you have enough batteries or air filters on hand for routine maintenance.
  • Repair & maintenance histories for your home and belongings let you keep track of who did the work, when it was done, how much it cost, and any related warranties for each repair.
  • Under My Roof can also keep track of home renovations and item modifications, which can be marked as capital expenditures for valuation purposes.
  • You can add dated notes to almost anything in Under My Roof.
  • Multiple currencies and currency conversion is supported throughout for those who make purchases from different regions, own a home, or move to a home in another region.
  • When it’s time to move, the Moving Box feature can keep track of the number of boxes you have and what’s in each box so you can quickly find things and make sure everything arrives at your new home.
  • Estate planning is made easier with the ability to assign heirs to your belongings.
  • All data can be synced with your other devices via iCloud, so you always have it wherever you go.
  • You can also share your inventory with others.


Data Privacy is a core value for us. Data is stored locally on your device and, if syncing is enabled, in your iCloud account. No one but you and those you choose to share it with have access to your data, not even us. There are also no analytics or usage trackers built into Under My Roof.

Supported Platforms


  • iPhone, iPodTouch, and iPad running iOS/iPadOS 14 or later.
  • Apple Silicon and Intel-based Macs running macOS 11.1 or later.

Syncing requires that iCloud is enabled.



  • Free to download with a limit of 10 items to make sure it’s a fit.
  • $29.99 (US) a year or $3.99 (US) a month with a 7-day free trial.
  • Subscription includes all devices and supports App Store Family Sharing so family members can use Under My Roof without an additional subscription.
  • You can still view and export your inventory without a subscription.

Images & Navigation Guide

Click the link below to download a ZIP file with resolution screenshots for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, along with the application icons: UMRImageAssets.zip

This short guide gives you a quick overview of getting around in Under My Roof: NavigatingUMR.pdf



Awarded Editors’ Choice by Apple on both the App Store and Mac App Store and is their “go-to app for organizing a home”.

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“One of the most important applications I use is called Under My Roof from Binary Formations.” – Allison Sheridan, Podfeet Blog and Podcast

Allison Sheridan mentions her love of the app during her guest appearance on Brian Brushwood and Tom Merritt’s CordKillers Podcast.  

Rated 4 Stars by MacFormat Magazine.

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Rated 4.7 stars on the US App Store & Mac App Store.

About Binary Formations


We are a husband and wife team, Kevin and Diane Hamilton, who launched our first consumer app, Home Inventory, in 2005. The Mac-based home inventory management app was in active development for 17 years (Fifteen Year Anniversary Video) until we reimagined this type of app and introduced Under My Roof in 2021.

Under My Roof helps us even more than we imagined and we’re thrilled it’s also helping thousands of others around the world. The journey continues…

Under My Roof is a registered trademark of Binary Formations, LLC.

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