Guest post by Crystal Sandy. Crystal Sandy has been blogging about mobile technology with innovation, advancement since 2011. She began from her enthusiasm in technology and stretched out to other sector where IT is highly maximised and leveraged on. She is also watching the patterns on iOS Apps as the following gadget for other progressive innovations.

Every child has the potential to be artistic. Thus, cultivating this special and innate skill should start early.

Modern technologies, especially mobile devices, have paved the way for children to further develop and enhance their creative minds. With the help of mobile applications, smartphones and tablets have now become an assistive tool for parents and teachers to motivate and encourage their creativity.

Take note, however, that devices with bigger screens are more advisable for younger learners as it allows them more space to work and view items on their displays. Gizmag listed the top and best tablets you can buy for children. Additionally, there are many smartphones out there with large displays like the iPhone 6 Plus and its 5.5-inch screen. O2 commends this type of smartphone for its multi-touch technology that ensures seamless and accurate typing on the display. Other smartphones have applied the same concept on their premium handsets because of how successful and well received this feature has been.

To get you started, here are some of the top iOS apps that you can install on your iPhone or iPad:



Ideal for children aged between 6-8, this application allows the user to create their own cartoons and place them in their own chosen worlds or background. It comes with more than 50 themed features from play sets, astronauts, presidents, pirates, and princesses. Special effects can be added to make the characters more interactive. They can add their voice recording, use images of their faces, and put it all together in a video that they can share with friends and family online.

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Squiggle Fish

screen520x924Not your ordinary drawing apps for children, Squiggle Fish requires the child to draw a fish – not on the screen but using a real pen and a paper. Then using the iPad’s camera, the app will augment the drawing and make it move on the screen. It’s a perfect blend of real and digital means to encourage the artistic side of children further. In fact, even parents and teachers will want to try it once they see how amazing this app is.

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Magic Piano

screen322x572Your child could well be the next Mozart so encourage them by installing Magic Piano on their mobile devices. Start by letting them choose a song that they want to play. They will need to follow the beams of light on the screen using one of their hands, which guides them to the correct note. Tempo, rhythm, levels of difficulty, instruments to play, and musical genre can be adjusted in the settings section of the app. This is the ideal application for those children who have passion for music.

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Monument Valley

screen322x572-1A 2014 Apple Design Award Winner, this captivating game can keep children (and even adults like you) engaged for hours. The goal is to help Princess Ida escape a mysterious and mind-bending world filled with hidden paths and fantastical architecture. There are paths made out of optical illusions and for the player there’s various decision-making scenarios to undertake in order to outsmart the barking Crow People. It’s an interesting game to play with children 9-12-years-old as they find creative ways to pass each stage.

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We believe that mobile devices are simply tools that can help assist your children’s development and growth. Inspire and motivate them further by spending time together using this list of apps, and make learning a fun experience for them. For more tips and tricks on parenting creative children, stay updated on our blog section for more developments.

Written by Crystal Sandy