Since the launch of the Mac App Store, many of you that purchased Home Inventory directly from our website or as a part of a third party promotion have asked us if there is a migration path to the Mac App Store without having to repurchase Home Inventory. As you may already know, Apple does not offer a way for developers to migrate users to the Mac App Store, but we have an alternative we would like to present to you.

We are participating in a 24-hour sale of Home Inventory for just $0.99 (US) only on the Mac App Store as part of’s Mac App Store deal. This give customers who bought Home Inventory outside of the Mac App Store the opportunity to migrate over at the lowest possible price. Other Mac developers participating in this promotion will be making their apps available for the same discounted price, so head over to to pickup a great deal on some high quality apps. The promotion begins on January 12th at 00:01 A.M. EST and will last for only 24 hours.

Please note: If you purchased Home Inventory outside of the Mac App Store and wish to take advantage of this offer, you will first need to remove your current copy of Home Inventory from your Applications folder. The Mac App Store will not install or update an application over a pre-existing version that was installed outside of the Mac App Store.