As a natural born computer programmer, I suffer from many of the ailments that often plague others of my kind: painful shyness, a complete lack of any athletic ability, and a severe level of cluelessness on any and all things related to marketing. Not surprisingly, Home Inventory has received very little media attention, both online and in print. The coverage that we have received, and for which I am grateful, owes nothing to any effort that I have made.

When we released Home Inventory 2 earlier this year, my wife and I resolved to change this. Not only did we want to greatly expand the media coverage  for Home Inventory, we wanted to get reviewed (or at least mentioned) by some of the bigger players in the Mac media world, such as Macworld, Mac Life, Mac Format, and TUAW.

We have been sending out release announcements and contacting editors as far back as January of this year to no avail. My wife and I started joking that we were the Rodney Dangerfield of the independent Mac software world — we get no respect.

Well, all of that changed yesterday. Both Macworld and Mac Format posted reviews of Home Inventory, both giving us a 4 out of 5 rating. We were absolutely thrilled. Even better, some of our users have taken the time to add comments to the Macworld review letting others know they like our software and support, which we are most appreciative of.

If you want to take a look at the reviews, follow the links below:

Macworld Review

Mac Format/TechRadar Review