As some of you may know, we are rewriting Home Inventory from scratch, along with adding a native version for iPhone and iPad. The last thing we ever expected to ever do in the middle of this project was launch a brand new product, but that’s exactly what has happened.

Notes4Me grew out of the Home Inventory development process itself. I had been accumulating all of these notes to myself of various things to keep in mind or to look into while working on Home Inventory 4. They were strewn across emails to myself, tasks in Reminders, and notes in the Notes app and One Note.

I needed a single place to consolidate them, but couldn’t find anything that worked for me, so I wrote a simple utility app that ran in my Mac’s menu bar, using recycled data entry and list components from Home Inventory 4. Any time I wanted to make a new note, I would just click the icon in the menu bar and start typing away. The user interface was extremely lightweight, making it the ideal place to collect these notes.

Diane and I both liked it enough that we decided to turn into a real product. We polished it up, dropped in the iCloud sync engine from Too Phat, and created a mobile version for the iPhone and iPad (also using recycled Home Inventory 4 and Too Phat code). Now, Notes4Me is ready to be released to the public.

We’re really proud of this app. It’s simple, but it has been so useful in both our professional and personal lives. We hope you find it useful as well.

Notes4Me is $1.99 and available on both the App Store and Mac App Store. You can learn more from the links and video below. Now back to work on Home Inventory 4.


   Download Notes4Me on the Mac App Store    Download Notes4Me on the App Store