I can give you a long list of reasons for why I started my own software company. Near the top of that list is the freedom to do something on a whim, no matter how inane, without having to get permission from management, because… well, I am management. I’m also the coffee maker, gofer, and in-house band leader.

Usually my whims fall somewhere between borderline stupid and outright moronic. A sense self-preservation helps me keep them in check most of the time, but since we’re in the middle of some pretty heavy development work, I decided that this time I would indulge myself. Hence, our latest app: Looky.

Looky  was born out of laziness. A few weeks ago I was sitting in my office and I didn’t want to turn around to check if my door was closed or not. Instead, I used Home Inventory’s Add Photo from iSight feature to bring up a live view from my Mac’s camera to take a quick peek behind me. Sure enough, the door was closed. I found out what I needed to know and I didn’t even have to turn around. I felt I had reached new heights in the art of laziness and I wanted to share my discovery with the world (yes, that sentence is ridiculous, but so is this app).

It just didn’t seem right to write an app that was rooted in sloth completely from scratch. That would be too industrious. Instead, I took the UI code from a project that never made it past the proof of concept stage and mixed in the camera code from an un-announced project we are currently working on and voilà: Looky.

Our silly little app was done. But Diane and I felt it needed something more, so we put together a little demo video with sock puppets and lame attempts at humor that you can watch here:

After viewing this Oscar-worthy piece of cinematic art, no doubt you would like to get a copy of Looky for yourself. It’s just 99¢ and you can grab it from the Mac App Store by clicking the button below: