Are you adding multiple items that are very similar and don’t want to fill in every field for every item?  Or perhaps want to make the same change to multiple items without having to update each item separately?

It’s easy with Home Inventory!

Let’s take the example of adding a box of brand new matchbox cars just purchased at your local toy store.

First add an item for each car but only fill in the information that is unique to the car, for instance in the following example the only item filled in is the ‘model’.

Next, select all the items that were just added.

To select consecutive items in a list click on the first item in the list you are interested in. Then, while holding down the shift key on your keyboard, click the last item. Home Inventory will automatically select the first item you clicked on, the last item you clicked on, and every item in between. If you wish to select multiple items that are not grouped together in the list, you can hold down the Command (⌘) key while clicking an item. That item will be selected without deselecting any previously selected item(s).

When multiple items are selected, double click to edit.  Enter the value for the fields that should be the same for all the selected items and click update.  In this example we updated the make, location, condition, purchased,  date, and price.

All items are now updated.