Being able to manage multiple homes within Home Inventory is a huge benefit and there are plenty of reasons for wanting to do so:

  • Rental Property
  • Second homes
  • Vacation property
  • Storage sheds
  • Offsite storage
  • Recreational vehicles
  • A child’s college dorm room
  • Home Inventory Professional

With Home Inventory, each inventory can be stored in it’s own file so that it can be managed, customized, and secured separately. But did you know you can easily copy or move items between inventory files as you physically move items between households?

Here’s how: Use drag and drop to copy or move items from one inventory file to another. Simply select the items you wish to move from the Item List in one inventory file and then drag them over to the category, location, collection, or Item List in another inventory file and drop them.

The items selected will be copied to the other inventory file. If you dropped the items on a specific category, collection, or location, or in the Item List for a given category, collection or location, the copied items will appear in that category, collection, or location, respectively. After the copy is complete, you will be asked if you wish to delete the copied items from the source inventory file.

If you would like to maintain the same category, collection, or location of the items being copied then filter the destination file by All Items before you do the drag and drop. Drag and drop the items you are copying onto the All Items list. If the category, collection, or location of an item does not exist it will be created for you.

Using custom field layouts in the source file? The field layout(s) will not be modified in the destination inventory file because doing so might introduce unwanted changes to the layout(s). If you wish to have the field layout(s) for displaying the copied items in the destination inventory file to match that of the source inventory file, you will need to modify the layout(s) manually.

Using custom fields in the source file? Keep in mind Home Inventory has a maximum limit of ten custom fields for a given inventory file. If the destination inventory file does not have a custom field used by a moved item with the same name and type, it will create it automatically. However, if all ten custom fields are in use in the destination inventory file, Home Inventory will be unable to create the custom field. A warning will be displayed to let you know that not all custom fields could be copied.


If you manage multiple homes with Home Inventory I’d love to hear more details. Click to send me a quick email.