So I wanted to do some work while in the car today.  I was updating a PDF on Kevin’s new retina enabled MacBook Pro (yes, it is pretty cool!). I finished and wanted to email it to a group of recipients but didn’t have WiFi access and won’t have it until later tonight. So after a little brainstorming with Kevin…..

Home Inventory and  Home Inventory  Mobile Backup to the rescue!
First, I created a new inventory file on the MacBook Pro, added 1 item and attached the PDF as a receipt. I then created a temporary network on the MacBook Pro (instructions in the Home Inventory Users Guide), joined it from my iPad which has a data plan.  Lastly I created a backup of the single item inventory file on my iPad using Home Inventory Mobile Backup over WiFi using the newly created network.
The final step was to email the PDF from my iPad. Brilliant! It took about 5 minutes and I didn’t have to wait until this evening to finish up and get it out.