A few weeks ago my wife was working out at the gym when a local news reporter came in to do a story on a new intersection nearby. She wanted to interview my wife about it while she was on the elliptical machine. Diane (that’d be my wife), always ready to promote our software, agreed, but only if the reporter would would let my wife tell her about our business.

It turned out that the reporter, Sunni Blevins at NBC 12 here in Richmond, covered storms and other disasters for the channel. She told my wife she was interested in Home Inventory and would like to do a story on keeping a home inventory at some point with us as the centerpiece. Cynical old me didn’t think she was serious. I told my wife she was just humoring her so she would do the interview. I was wrong.

This past Wednesday morning Sunni Blevins called us to ask if she could come by and interview us. Not Thursday. Not later that afternoon. But right now. She wanted to do a piece for the evening news and also shoot some footage for an upcoming special on winter storm preparedness. Of course we had to agree and while waiting for Ms. Blevins and her cameraman to arrive, I went about preparing a nice dish of crow to eat later.

Sunni Blevins and her cameraman, Nathan, were as nice as could be. They made us feel very at ease during the interview. The piece aired on two newscasts that evening. The first was a longer one that had some clips of both me and Diane talking about Home Inventory and the importance of keeping an up to date inventory. I was almost completely cut out of the second version, which is a good thing because I really, really need to to hit the gym. The camera does not love me. Diane is much more pleasing to look at anyway.

Here’s the link to the text from the first version.

Here’s a video of the second version: