This shelf in the door of our refrigerator broke this weekend after super glueing it back together for the 4th time, so I finally decided to bite the bullet and look for a replacement part.

Using Home Inventory Mobile Backup on my iPad, I was able to look up details about the refrigerator, like make and model,  find a replacement part and order the part within a couple of minutes.

Instead of having to spend time physically digging through a drawer to find the purchase receipt or an old manual, or trying to find and read the model and serial number on the appliance itself, I simply opened Home Inventory Mobile Backup on my iPad, navigated to the entry for the Refrigerator, and in split screen mode did a google search for the best site to order a new shelf from.

I was also able see that the extended warranty for the refrigerator was still active and used the link in the Notes field to see if it covered the shelf. Which, of course it did not! 

I love how Home keeps us organized with all the details about our stuff so readily available to help with little things like this on a regular basis!

It feels good to be organized!