We are very happy to announce that Home Inventory is now on The Inventory Institutes’s list of endorsed products. This endorsement means a lot to us because it comes from an association of home inventory professionals. These are people who know how to inventory a home properly. They know what information needs to be kept, what the reports should look like, and what methods work best when it comes to creating and maintaining an inventory. It is nice to have our efforts validated by such a group.

It wasn’t long after the first release of Home Inventory back in 2005 (it was called Stockpile at the time) that home inventory professionals started using it to conduct inventories for their clients. Though Home Inventory is a consumer-oriented application, the number of professionals using it has grown significantly over the years. Just as we do periodic interviews with people in the insurance industry to make sure our software does what it needs to do, we also consult with inventory professionals whenever we can. Their feedback has been invaluable in making Home Inventory a better piece of software for consumer and pro alike.