NAPO has designated January as ‘Get Organized‘ month. Here are a few ways Home Inventory can help get you organized:

Get Rid of Paper Clutter

Each time you bring home a new purchase, use the built-in barcode scanner in Home Inventory Photo Remote to add the item to your inventory automatically. Scan in the receipt using the built-in scanner interface, enter warranty information and scan in the warranty document. Download the user manual from the makers website and attach it to the item. No need to keep any of the paper documents. Everything about the item is available from one central place without the clutter.

Get Rid of Old or Duplicate Items

Review your inventory periodically and get rid of old or duplicate items. Are there items that you don’t use anymore? Have you bought replacement items and failed to get rid of the original? Are there things that you have never used before that you are still needlessly holding on to just in case? Whether you sell, donate, giveaway or throwaway, get rid of items that are no longer useful to you. Remember, one mans trash is another mans treasure!

Catalog Your Media Collections

Use the barcode scanner feature in Home Inventory Photo Remote to catalog your movie, CD, DVD, or book collection in Home Inventory. With your media collections cataloged, you will always know what titles you have and can avoid buying duplicates.

How does Home Inventory help you get and stay organized? Let us know!