Home Inventory 3.8 in Dark Mode in macOS Mojave

Home Inventory 3.8 is now available with Dark Mode support under macOS Mojave. But that’s not the only Mojave goody in this release. Home Inventory 3.8 also adds support for Mojave Accent Colors and Continuity Camera.

Home Inventory Accent Colors in macOS Mojave

Continuity Camera is a great new feature in macOS Mojave and iOS 12. Home Inventory uses it to take photos and scan receipts using your iPhone or iPad’s camera and import them back into Home Inventory instantly without the need of another app. The video below shows you how to use this great new feature:

Home Inventory 3.8 is a free update for existing Home Inventory customers. Customers that purchased Home Inventory on the Mac App Store can download the update through the Mac App Store. SETAPP users can get the update through the SETAPP client. If you purchased Home Inventory directly from our website or a third party other than the Mac App Store or SETAPP, you can download the update here.

System Requirements

  • Home Inventory requires a Mac running OS X (macOS) 10.12 or later.