Last week, we released Home Inventory 3.7.5 and boy did we screw it up. Several users experienced crashes that resulted from a change we made for the upcoming release of macOS Mojave.

We tested the release internally on a number of different machines and macOS versions, ranging from 10.10 to the GM version of Mojave without a single hint there was a problem. Everything continued to look okay shortly after release, with over 30,000 people updating to Home Inventory 3.7.5 in first couple of days without a single crash report. Usually, if there is something major wrong with a release, we hear about it immediately.

The first report of a problem came last Friday, followed by a few more on Monday morning. There was clearly a problem, but we struggled to reproduce it internally. Thankfully, with the help of some very patient customers, we were able to pinpoint the issue and get a fix ready.

A huge “thank you” goes out to those that alerted us to this problem, sent us crash reports and other diagnostic information, and helped test the fix to make sure everything was working properly. We apologize to anyone affected by this problem. You can rest assured that development feels suitably embarrassed and will be punished by being forced to listen to smooth jazz for the remainder of the work week.

With that said, Home Inventory 3.7.6 is now available.

Home Inventory 3.7.6 is a free update for existing Home Inventory customers. Customers that purchased Home Inventory on the Mac App Store can download the update through the Mac App Store. SETAPP users can get the update through the SETAPP client. If you purchased Home Inventory directly from our website or a third party other than the Mac App Store or SETAPP, you can download the update here.

System Requirements

  • Home Inventory requires a Mac running OS X (macOS) 10.10 or later.