We are pleased to announce that Home Inventory 3.6 is now available. New features and fixes include the following:

Estate Planning/Heirs

  • Home Inventory now helps you with your estate planning. Create a list of heirs and assign items in your inventory to the appropriate heir.
  • Fill in heir information from Contacts (macOS Sierra or El Capitan required).
  • A new navigation option lets you browse your inventory by heir and easily see which items are assigned to a given heir.
  • New reporting options to organize items by heir and filter items included in a report based on specific heirs.
  • New built-in heir reports for detailed and simple item lists, organized by their assigned heir.

Home Management & Organization

  • Store home inspection reports, plats, homeowners’ association covenants, and other home-related documents in the new file attachments section in the Home View.
  • Keep track of home maintenance, repairs, and renovations using the new dated notes feature in the Home View.
  • Store receipts for home maintenance, repairs, renovations, and other house-related purchases in the new receipts section of the Home View.
  • Add multiple photos of your home in the new Home View photos section.
  • New reporting option to include Home View information (including notes, photos, and receipts) in reports.


  • You can now add receipts and file attachments to locations (rooms).
  • You can now add receipts and file attachments to collections.
  • Support for tabs in macOS Sierra.
  • Item photos now appear in search results.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the selection bar can disappear in the left navigation list when the item list is hidden.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in an exception being raised when invalid characters were entered in a manual barcode lookup.

System Requirements

  • Home Inventory requires a Mac running OS X (macOS) 10.10 or later.

Please visit our Home Inventory product page for more information. Home Inventory 3.6 is available as a free update for existing Home Inventory customers. Customers that purchased Home Inventory on the Mac App Store can download the update through the Mac App Store. Customers that purchased Home Inventory directly from our website or via a third party promotion can download the update here.