NOTE: The beta testing period is now over and we have submitted Home Inventory 3.5 to Apple for review.

A neat new feature is coming in Home Inventory 3.5 and we’re looking for people to help us test it. While we have our own internal testing processes, nothing compares to feedback from real Home Inventory users when developing new features.

Instead of a full-on beta of the entire release, this beta test is focused on a single new feature. It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a while (no, it’s not syncing – that’s coming in version 4) and after many fits and starts, we’ve finally settled on an approach that we like. We’re excited about this feature and think it will make keeping an up-to-date inventory much, much easier.

If you are a current Home Inventory user that doesn’t mind trying out software that is still in development (meaning: very much in flux, hasn’t completed full QA testing, and might cause you to grow body hair in strange places), send us an email to get on the beta.