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Home Inventory 3.4 – Chart View

We’re excited to announce a new update for Home Inventory is now available. Version 3.4 is available as a free update for anyone that purchased a previous version of Home Inventory. Features and fixes in the new version include:

  • Added a new Charts section to the Home View with charts that give you an overview of your inventory.
  • You can configure what types of charts are shown. Options include breakdowns by category, collection, condition, location, and tag, warranty coverage breakdowns, property assessment history, and purchases over time so you can see if you are spending more or less on your possessions that you used to.
  • New custom report option lets you choose which field is used for report totals in custom list and detail reports.
  • New custom report option lets you choose the field items are sorted by.
  • Added a new summary only report type.
  • You can now choose whether the item list in the Items View is sorted in ascending or descending order.
  • Added a notice that appears in an item’s warranty section when its warranty has expired or is about to expire.
  • Added an icon that appears in the item list when it is in the detail view mode that indicates the item is out of warranty coverage.
  • Added a cover page with date to the warranty analysis report.
  • Fixed a bug where items may not properly fill the page in a custom item detail report when the main item photo is not included.
  • Fixed a bug where collections could show up twice in the report summary in reports with the “Show each collection in its own section” option set.
  • Fixed a bug where an item’s value was being erroneously multiplied by its quantity when considering whether or not it exceeded the maximum single item value coverage limit for insurance coverage analysis.

If you purchased Home Inventory through the Mac App Store, you will need to download the update through the Mac App Store app in OS X. If you purchased Home Inventory outside of the Mac App Store (such as through our online store), you can get the update here.