We’re happy to announce that Home Inventory 3.1 is now available. This is a free update to existing users.

Maps Support in Home Inventory

The release of Mavericks (OS X 10.9) brings Maps support to OS X. The Maps app built into OS X Mavericks works much like Maps in iOS. You can lookup places and get directions. You can even email directions or send them directly to Maps on your iPhone or iPad.

This latest update also brings Maps support to Home Inventory. Simply click the map marker icon to left of any field that supports Maps lookup to find it in Maps. Because of Apple’s restrictions on the use of the framework to perform these lookups, this feature is only available in the Mac App Store version of Home Inventory.

Maps lookup is supported for the following fields:

  • Purchased From for item information.
  • Any custom fields of type Address for item information.
  • The Contact field for warranty information.
  • The Contact field for policy information.
  • The Address field in the Home View.

Drag and Drop Items Between Inventory Files

Definitely one of the features we’ve received the most requests for is the ability to move or copy items from one inventory file to another through drag and drop. You can now do this in Home Inventory 3.1. Simply select the item(s) you wish to move or copy in one inventory file and drag them to the item list or category, collection, or location of another inventory and drop them there. The items, including the custom fields they use, photos, receipts, file attachments, warranty information, and notes are copied right over. It’s that easy.

Custom Conditions

Also on the list of most requested features is the ability to edit the existing item condition list as well as add your own conditions. Just select Manage Conditions from the Inventory menu to add, edit, and remove conditions from the available list. The condition list is specific to each inventory file so you can have one set of conditions for one inventory and a completely different set of conditions for another inventory.

New Custom Field Types

Home Inventory 3.1 comes with two new custom field types: Address and Multi-line Text. Address fields let you use the Maps feature to lookup whatever information is in the field. Multi-line Text fields give you more vertical room than plain, single-line text fields and are useful for entering item descriptions and other information that requires a larger input field.

Updating to Version 3.1

Home Inventory 3.1 is a free update for existing users. It requires OS X 10.7.4 or later. OS X 10.9 and the Mac App Store version of Home Inventory 3.1 is required to make use of the Maps feature.

If you purchased Home Inventory through the Mac App Store, you must update through the Mac App Store. Simply open the Mac App Store application and click the Updates button at the top of the window to see the updates available to you.

If you did not purchase through the Mac App Store, you can download the latest update by clicking here.