Home Inventory, Photo Remote, and Mobile backup

Today we’re releasing updates to both Home Inventory and the Home Inventory Photo Remote. We are also introducing a new, free companion app for Home Inventory, called Home Inventory Mobile Backup. With Home Inventory Mobile Backup, you can backup your inventory file to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and take it with you. Mobile Backup also lets you view your inventory on your mobile device. Keep reading to find out more about today’s updates.

Home Inventory 2.5

Home Inventory v2.5 is a free update for Home Inventory 2 users. If you purchased Home Inventory through the Mac App Store, you can get the latest version by clicking the Updates button at the top of the Mac App Store window. If you purchased Home Inventory directly from us or a source other than the Mac App Store, you can download the update here.  Home Inventory 2.5 contains the following new features and fixes:

  • Support for backing up and restoring to the new Home Inventory Mobile Backup companion app over WiFi. You can now backup and view your inventory files on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
  • The ability to set the currency used for a given inventory file independent of the currency settings in System Preferences.
  • Home Inventory can now automatically convert currency amounts from other currencies to the currency used for the inventory file, based on current exchange rates. See the Home Inventory User’s Guide for details.
  • Custom item detail reports now offer the ability to select the individual item fields that will appear in the report.
  • You can now edit custom report options after you have created them.
  • The Home Inventory Photo Remote will display the number of photos next to each item when Home Inventory 2.5.0 is used in conjunction with Photo Remote version 1.4 or later.
  • A new Backup Now option under the File menu lets you backup your inventory to an attached hard drive or synced folder with a simple click of your mouse.
  • Set a password hint to help you remember your password for password protected inventory files.
  • The CSV import feature can now import CSV data using encodings other than just UTF-8.

Photo Remote 1.4

Home Inventory Photo Remote 1.4 includes the following enhancements:

  • When used with Home Inventory 2.5 or later, the Home Inventory Photo Remote will show the number of photos attached to each item in the item list.
  • The list price of an item is now used by default when adding an item through a barcode scan lookup.

Mobile Backup

Home Inventory Mobile Backup gives you another way to backup your inventory for safekeeping. With our free Mobile Backup companion app, you can backup your inventory files to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and view the items in your inventory on the go. And, should you ever need to, you can restore your inventory from Home Inventory Mobile Backup back onto your Mac.

  • Backup and restore inventory files through iTunes or over your WiFi network.
  • View all of the items in your inventory right on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, including warranty information notes, photos, and receipts.
  • Email item photos and receipts.
  • Support for password protected inventory files helps keep your inventory safe from prying eyes.