Hartford Insurance Extra Mile is where you “find interesting, timely and useful information on topics of everyday life, like home improvement, health and wellness, useful new technologies, and car-related subjects.” They have really good tips on taking an inventory in the “How to Create a Household Inventory” article and we’re pleased to see Home Inventory included in recommended apps to help.

“If you’ve ever had to file a home insurance claim because something you owned was damaged or stolen, you know that details matter. In order to settle your claim, your homeowners insurance or renters’ insurance company needs to know what the damaged or stolen item is, when and where you purchased it, how much it cost, and any other details you can recall. This is where a home inventory comes in.”

These details can be difficult enough to remember for just one item, especially in the aftermath of a burglary or a natural disaster. But imagine if you had to provide this information for multiple items, or even the entire contents of your home. Could you remember, and list, everything you own, let alone their origins and values? Very few people could. That’s why it’s so important to create an inventory of all your belongings, complete with photo and video documentation, before potential misfortune strikes.

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