A few weeks ago I had an unexpected trip to visit my mother who lives about 4 hours from us.  She is getting up in age and still acts like she is a youngster and unfortunately sometime this lands her in the hospital. She is now recovering at one of my brothers homes and doing fine. What does this have to do with Binary Formations you may ask?

After this latest trip to the ER, my elderly yet very independent and did I mention stubborn mother has finally agreed that living on her own may not be the best for her. This was somewhat of a welcome surprise to my 5 siblings and myself and we immediataly began plans for a move before she had time to change her mind.

The thought of a move after being in the same home for over 20+ years can be pretty overwhelming especially knowing that you will be moving into a much smaller space,  so we needed to come up with a plan to make the move as stressless as possible for  our mother without taking over the decision making.  In a housing market like today there is no telling how long it will take to sell her house but wouldn’t it be nice if she was ready in a moments notice with all the decisions made of what items in her home she would like to take with her?  Even better if she did not have to be there for the actual move? You see, she plans to stay with my oldest brother for a few months and is concerned about the house selling while she is gone.  How would she manage a move without being there?  Talk about stress!

Home Inventory to the rescue!  During my stay, we talked a lot about the move and what it would entail.  She talked seriously about what she would like to take with her to her new home and  about items she would like to donate or give to one of us kids.  Though her house is average in size it is filled with memories and keepsakes that are very special to her and to our family.

We decided a home inventory was long overdue and spent a few hours each day documenting her rooms using Home Inventory.  Very quickly with the use of Home Inventory Photo Remote, I went through each room and added items and photos.  At night, we sat together and talked about each item and I documented what should be done with the item should the house sell.  I created a number of collections for this purpose and each item was put into a collection based on whether she wanted the item to ‘move’, ‘sell with home’, ‘donate’, or which kid she would like to give it to. I also could have used custom fields too as the latest release in Beta testing now allows reporting based on custom fields.

I used the notes field to document those things that made an item so special, perhaps it was the art work that was given to her and my father in Taiwan when they won a local bowling tournament 55 years ago, or the needlepoint so beautifully done by my Aunt Pat.  By the end of my visit we were finished, total time was less than 8 hours.  On a personal note, it was such a pleasure doing this together and hearing the stories and memories associated with her items and being able to document this.  Being from such a big family, it’s not often I get alone time with my mother.

Though we can’t control when the house will sell or when the move will happen, she now has the peace of mind that she is ready regardless.  And because everything is documented and she personally made all the decision, she feels she doesn’t even have to be there.   Us kids can pool together and handle the heavy lifting.  And we all will have peace of mind, including our mother,  knowing that we are following her decisions.

Taking a quick break while packing moms home.

My mother just sent the family an email.  There is an offer on the house and they want to close in 40 days!  Even though she is still recuperating at my brothers,  she is not worried about a thing. The decisions are already made and documented and it’s up to us kids to get her moved.  With a report or two from Home Inventory, we are all prepared!

Home Inventory is a desktop app available for the Mac computer. It is an Apple Editors’ Choice and available on the Mac App Store. Home Inventory Remote Entry & Home Inventory Mobile Backup are free iOS companion apps for the iPhone and iPad and available on the App Store.