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Binary Formations is a family run software design and development company based in Virginia. The company was founded with one goal in mind: To build software that solves a problem in our everyday lives with the hope that others would find it useful in theirs as well.

We released our first app, Home Inventory, for the Mac in 2005 and it remains our flagship app. In the years since, it has grown a sizable following, garnered rave reviews, and was chosen by Apple as Mac App Store Best of 2013 and Editor’s Choice picks. We also produce the iOS chore tracking app, Chore-inator (a Macworld 2014 Best of Show winner), Too Phat (a visual weight loss app for iOS), My Reasons (an innovative way to help you build good habits available for the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch), and Adam Learns Shapes and Colors (an iPad app for teaching children basic shapes and colors).


Diane Hamilton

Diane is the Managing Partner of Binary Formations. She manages the day to day operations and helps with product development, QA, and customer support.

Kevin Hamilton

Kevin handles the coding and software design duties at Binary Formations. When not writing software and answering support emails, he can usually be found noodling around on a guitar.

Adam Hamilton

The inspiration behind Chore-inator and Adam Learns Shapes and Colors, Adam does his best to make sure his mom and dad don’t make anything “lame”.

Latest News

Introducing Notes4Me

As some of you may know, we are rewriting Home Inventory from scratch, along with adding a native version for iPhone and iPad. The last thing we ever expected to ever do in the middle of this project was launch a brand new product, but that's exactly what has...

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