Affiliate Programs

If you run a blog, website, send newsletters, or are active on social media and think your followers would benefit from any of our products, consider signing up for one of the affiliate programs below. Affiliates earn a commission on the sales of our software that originate from them. It’s a quick and easy way to add to your revenue.

Home Inventory Affiliate Program

We have teamed up with FastSpring and Impact Radius to offer you an affiliate program that is a smart and easy way to increase your profitability. As a Media Partner, simply send people to our web store and earn a 30% referral fee for every purchase of Home Inventory made.

Click here for a Media Partner Quick Start Guide.

App Store Affiliate Program

Apple’s affiliate programs are a great way for your to earn commissions from our own award winning apps as well as other apps, songs, books, movies, and shows sold in Apple’s online stores. Commission rates vary by product type and region.

Click here for a comprehensive guide to the iTunes Affiliate Program.

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