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Established in 2005, Binary Formations is a family run independent app design and development company based in Virginia. We founded the company with one goal in mind: To build consumer software that solves a problem in our everyday lives with the hope that others would find it useful in theirs as well.

Our newest app and main focus is Under My Roof®. It’s an app to help you manage and maintain your home and everything in it and is available for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Released in 2021, it’s an Apple Editors’ Choice on the App Stores and is their “go-to app for organizing a home”.

Its predecessor, Home Inventory, released in 2005 and since removed from market garnered a loyal following, rave reviews, and was an Editors’ Choice pick and Mac App Store Best of 2013.

Learn more about our journey in this Apple developer spotlight story on the App Store.

Also available is My Body Metrics, an iOS app to visually track your weight and body measurements that’s both simple and incredibly motivating to help you reach and maintain your goals. And Note-orious, for iOS and macOS, is all about helping you learn the notes on the guitar, ukulele, bass, banjo, mandolin, and bouzouki so you can become a better player.

We produced and have since removed from market the iOS chore tracking app, Chore-inator, a Macworld 2014 Best of Show winner; My Reasons, a visual way to help you build good habits available for the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch; Adam Learns Shapes and Colors, our first iPad app for teaching children basic shapes and colors; Tic-Tac-Text is just what it sounds like, an app to play tic-tac-toe via text for iOS; and most recently, Notes4Me which we removed from sale due to the introduction of the Quick Notes feature available in the Apple Notes app.

We are thrilled that our apps are helping us and others around the world.


Diane Hamilton

Diane is the Managing Partner of Binary Formations. She manages the day to day operations and is responsible for marketing, product management, QA, and customer support.

Kevin Hamilton

Kevin handles the coding and software design duties at Binary Formations, making the magic happen. When not writing software and answering support emails, he can usually be found noodling around on a guitar.

Adam Hamilton

The inspiration behind Chore-inator and Adam Learns Shapes and Colors, Adam does his best to make sure his mom and dad don’t make anything “lame”.

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