From August 1st through August 7th, Ish Shabazz and Heidi Helen Pilypas, developers of Capsicum,  and Binary Formations are teaming up with others in the independent developer community to help Black Girls Code.

Black Girls Code is a non-profit organization that runs tech-centric workshops for girls from underrepresented communities, aged 7-17. Participants can learn about mobile development, web design, robotics, virtual reality, and game development through its various camps and other events.

We were blessed by people who took it upon themselves to introduce us to computers earlier in life, which sparked an interest that in turn became a fulfilling career. If you can, please join us in giving a hand up to the next generation of would-be tech professionals.

Donate Money

Black Girls Code runs a number of camps, clubs, and hackathons. Your financial donations will help them to continue and expand these efforts.

Donate Time

Volunteer your time as a mentor or to help run Black Girls Code events, such as camps, clubs, and hackathons.

Donate Equipment

You can also donate laptops, tablets, phones, and other equipment (2017 or later, please) for use in Black Girls Code events.