The upcoming Home Inventory 2.7 release is going to bring a few significant additions, one of which is that it will run as a sandboxed application under OS X Lion and the upcoming Mountain Lion. As you may be aware, Apple’s sandboxing can present some significant challenges to developers and its rollout has been less than smooth.

With that in mind, I would like to expand our testing pool for this release to make sure that we get it right. If you are an existing Home Inventory user and are interested in helping us test, please send an email to

In order to participate in the beta, you need to be an existing Home Inventory user with a Mac running OS X 10.6, 10.7, or the latest Mountain Lion developer preview. For OS X 10.7 users, you will need to be running 10.7.4 with the latest security supplement installed as it is required for the sandbox to be fully functional.

Thanks in advance to anyone who volunteers to help out. You will not only help ensure a better product for yourself once version 2.7 is released, but for all of our other users as well.