Apple announced the Best of 2013 yesterday and it is so incredibly exciting and rewarding that our very own Home Inventory 3 is a “Mac App Store Best of 2013”! There just may have been a few fist bumps, high fives, hooting and hollering, and even a toast or two here yesterday.

Home Inventory 3 was a major release for us with many enhancements including a long overdue UI overhaul. It was a lengthy project that started out as a small update but then evolved into something even better than originally planned. We are thankful to Apple and honored Home Inventory 3 has received this recognition.

One of the things we love most about working with Apple is that you cannot buy Apple love. Neither the size of the company nor the size of the bank account are relevant. Because of this, small companies like ours have the opportunity to create quality products for a living and bring them to a worldwide market. It’s an opportunity we are grateful for.

We are extremely thankful for you our customers, friends, and family. Home Inventory and our other products are what they are today because of your constant feedback, your positive reviews and ratings, your word of mouth and recommendations, and your support throughout the years as we have taken something that started as a hobby and turned it into a “Best of 2013”. We are truly humbled.