When released the original version of Too Phat four years ago, we wanted to do something different from the run of the mill weight tracking app. Not only did Too Phat make use of full-body photos to let you see your progress, you could take these photos by yourself, without the aid of a mirror or another person, by connecting to your Mac over WiFi and using its camera to take these photos. We called this feature Remote Cam.

This past summer we decided to revisit Too Phat and rewrite it from the ground up in Swift 4, adding a lot of new functionality along the way. The result is Too Phat 2.0.

The Remote Cam feature has been completely rethought. The workflow drastically improved and it now supports taking photos from another iPhone or iPad, in addition to the Mac. We’ve also added the ability to track body measurements, such as waist size and biceps, syncing between multiple devices via iCloud, photo sharing, Face Id/Touch Id support, sending data to the Health app, and native support for the iPad, among other new features.

Too Phat is free to download from the App Store. Too Phat Remote Cam, which lets Too Phat use your Mac’s camera over WiFi to take photos in Too Phat is available for free on the Mac App Store.