Tic Tac Text Header

Our eight year old son, Adam, loves tic tac toe. Whenever we’re at a restaurant, he likes to play while we’re waiting for our food. He also likes texting Diane and I from his iPod Touch.

When Apple announced apps were coming to Messages in iOS 10 at WWDC this year, I jokingly told Diane we should do a tic tac toe Messages game for Adam and call it Tic Tac Text. Adam was all for the idea, but I kind of forgot about it as I spent much of the summer finishing up My Reasons 3.0 and working on the next release of Home Inventory. A few weeks ago, Adam asked me if I was ever going to make the game, so I took a break from Home Inventory and built it for him.

Productivity apps like Home Inventory and My Reasons are our bread and butter, but they’re not all that interesting to an eight year old. So, Adam, this one’s for you buddy!

Click here to find out more about Tic Tac Text or get it directly in the Messages App Store. You can also see it in action in the video below: