We are proud to announce the release of Home Inventory 3.5, Home Inventory Remote Entry 2.0, and Home Inventory Mobile Backup 2.1. All of the new features in this update are listed below, but we wanted to point out two key new features that make creating a new inventory and keeping an existing inventory up-to-date faster and easier than ever before.

Home Inventory Inbox

As we do more of our shopping online or have receipts from brick and mortar purchases emailed to us, it becomes easier for those purchases to fall through the cracks when it comes to keeping an up to date inventory. It can be difficult to stay on top of unless you are diligent about saving receipts for your online purchases as a PDF file from your web browser or mail app and creating items from them in Home Inventory as soon as each purchase is made.

Home Inventory’s new Inbox feature solves this problem. Whenever you make a purchase online, you can send the receipt to Home Inventory’s Inbox straight from your web browser or mail app, without ever having to open Home Inventory.

Inbox is a holding area for receipts for items that need to be added to your inventory. It acts as both a reminder that you need to add these items to your inventory, as well as provides a streamlined interface for doing so. Inbox makes keeping your inventory up to date faster and easier than ever before.


Photo Entry Mode

Where Home Inventory Inbox makes it easier to keep an existing inventory up to date, the new Photo Entry Mode in Home Inventory Remote Entry, our free companion app for entering items using you iPhone or iPad, makes building out your initial inventory a breeze.

By focusing on just the basics (a photo and a name for each item), Photo Entry Mode lets you add new items to your inventory in rapid succession with a minimum number of taps and without burdensome data entry panels. You can always add more detail later, if you choose to do so.

With Photo Entry Mode, we’re also trying something we’ve never done before in Home Inventory: making one our experimental features available to the general public. By tapping the microphone button on the on-screen keyboard, you can add items, including fields beyond just the item name, using voice dictation.

Voice dictation is something we’ve been exploring internally for a while, but have been unsure of how it would be received. We would love it if you could send us your feedback on this feature, in particular if it is something you think we should expand upon in future updates.


New in Home Inventory 3.5

  • The new Home Inventory Inbox makes maintaining your inventory a snap.
  • A badge next to the Inbox button tells you how many receipts are waiting in your Inbox.
  • In addition to creating new items from receipts in the Inbox, you can also add a receipt from the Inbox to an existing item through the Item view Receipts section.
  • Add file attachments from the Inbox to existing items through the Item View Files section.
  • You can also drag and drop files straight into the Inbox view without going through the print plugin.
  • Support for the new Photo Entry mode in Home Inventory Remote Entry for quickly entering items with just a photo and a name in rapid succession.
  • You can now add new categories, collections, conditions, and locations straight from the add/edit item panel.
  • A new item list sort option, Sort By Completion, lets you sort items based on how complete the information is for each item (an item is considered complete if it has a price or value, at least one photo, at least one receipt, and a warranty).
  • Item detail reports no longer include a photos section for items with only a single photo when the report is configured to show the main item photo in the basic item information section.
  • The ‘Begin each item on a new page’ option is now un-checked by default when creating a new custom item detail report.
  • Fixed a bug that can sometimes interfere with obtaining map directions in OS X 10.11 (El Capitan).
  • Fixed a bug where WiFi backups to Mobile Backup would occasionally fail with a timeout error.
  • Fixed a bug where the Quick Help overlay appears too large on Retina displays.
  • Fixed a bug where ‘Year Built’ field displayed a comma in the year when editing home stats.
  • Fixed a bug where the correct item quantity was not being displayed for coverage categories that included items with quantities greater than 1.
  • Fixed a bug in the coverage analysis report where a coverage category containing no items would show as covering one item for a value of $0.00.
  • Minor visual bug fixes and tweaks.

New in Home Inventory Remote Entry 2.0

  • New Photo Entry mode lets you quickly build out your inventory by adding items with just a photo and a name in rapid succession.
  • Split screen support for the iPad (requires iOS 9).
  • Runs native on the iPad Pro.
  • Fixed a bug where photos sometimes appear blurry on older iPhones after using the barcode scanning feature.

New in Home Inventory Mobile Backup 2.1

  • Split screen support for the iPad (requires iOS 9).
  • Runs native on the iPad Pro.

Download Information

Home Inventory 3.5 is a free update for anyone who has purchased a prior version of Home Inventory and is available on the Mac App Store.

If your purchased Home Inventory outside of the Mac App Store, you can download Home Inventory 3.5 by clicking here.

Home Inventory Remote Entry 2.0 and Home Inventory Mobile Backup 2.1 are both free of charge and available here and here on the App Store.

Home Inventory 3.5 requires OS X 10.7.4 or later.
Home Inventory Remote Entry 2.0 requires iOS 8.1 or later.
Home Inventory Mobile Backup 2.1 requires iOS 8.1 or later.