Home Inventory

Home Inventory, a Mac App Store Editors’ Choice and a Mac App Store Best of 2013 pick, is a critically acclaimed and easy to use app for creating a catalog of your possessions using your Mac. Take a look at some of the things Home Inventory can do for you:

Quick and easy to use – New York Times

Get Peace of Mind

Keeping a home inventory is one of the most important steps we can take to protect the things that are important to us. Keep important information about your valuables, such as the purchase price, serial number,  and condition, so you know what you have and what it’s worth in case you ever have to file an insurance claim. Add photos and receipts to your items, which can serve as proof of possession. Robust insurance features help ensure your are adequately covered in the case of loss and help make the claims process smooth and timely.  With Home Inventory, find out if you are under-insured, over-insured, or have just the right amount of coverage. Home Inventory can even tell you which items are not covered by your current policy.

Home Inventory is a solid, full-featured and mature app that has continually evolved to keep pace with the growth of the Mac ecosystem… – TechCrunch

Stay Organized

Store all the information about your possessions, including photos, receipts, warranty information, and product manuals electronically all in one place. Use the dated notes feature to keep track of repair information, provenance, and modifications, among other things. With Home Inventory, all the information is accessible instantly, whether it’s to check the warranty for the broken washing machine or to get a list of your possessions to prepare for a move or a garage sale. There are endless ways you can make use of the information Home Inventory can store.

…its simple interface and invaluable iPhone helper app make the giant task of inventorying your home manageable. – Mac|Life

Mobile Helper Apps

Our helper apps for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch ensure the experience of maintaining an inventory is quick and easy and that your inventory is always with you on the go. Use Home Inventory Remote Entry to add items, photos, and receipts from without having to sit in front of your Mac. It even has a built in barcode scanner so you can quickly add books, movies, and other items with UPC and EAN barcodes to your inventory just by “scanning” the barcode with the camera on your mobile device. Barcode lookup is available for products in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, and Japan only.

With Home Inventory Mobile Backup, backup your inventory to your mobile device so you always have it with you. Mobile Backup is a viewer as well, so you can look up information about your possessions while away from your computer.

Spectacularly user-friendly – Mac Format

Home Management

Stay on top of your home’s regular maintenance tasks like changing the air filters and changing the batteries in your smoke detectors with Home Inventory’s maintenance schedule. You can even add maintenance tasks straight to Calendar and Reminders (OS X 10.8 and above only). Use the Assessment History feature to keep track of your property assessments over time so you can see the change in your home’s value at a glance.

…easy to use and great for someone who wants to make an inventory but isn’t sure how to get started. – Lifehacker

Feature Highlights

  • Use your scanner to add photos, receipts, and files
  • Drag and drop photos, receipts, and files from your desktop
  • Scan multi-page receipts and file attachments into a single PDF
  • Customizable fields and field layouts
  • Add your own locations, categories, and collections
  • Sort items by name, purchase date, or value
  • Flag under-insured items and categories
  • Track and value collections
  • Keep track of home maintenance tasks
  • Keep a history of your property assessments
  • iOS helper apps for remote entry, viewing, and backup
  • Lookup addresses and get directions in Maps (Mac App Store version only)
  • Editable item conditions
  • Built-in currency conversion
  • Multiple currency support
  • Robust and flexible reporting options
  • Warranty expiration reporting
  • Password protection
  • Multiple backup and restore options
  • Import and export your data
  • Keep multiple inventories
  • Support for Macs with retina displays
  • Support for full-screen mode
  • Runs in OS X’s security sandbox
  • User’s Guide, quick tips, and exceptional support