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A Mac App Store Editors’ Choice and Mac App Store Best of 2013 pick, Home Inventory is the powerful and easy way to catalog your possessions using your Mac.

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Stay Organized

Keep important information about the items in your home in one place. Store make, model, serial numbers, purchase price and date, photos, receipts, warranty information (manufacturer’s, extended, and other types of warranties), and much more. Use the dated notes feature to make notes about modifications and repairs. Attach files, such as digital copies of owner’s manuals. No more digging through file folders and junk drawers to find the information you need.

Know You’re Covered

Should disaster strike, the robust and configurable reporting system gives you the information you need to file a claim. No need to try and remember what you have and what it’s worth – it’s all in Home Inventory. Coverage analysis features help you determine if you have the right amount of insurance for your possessions so you don’t find out that you’re under-insured when it’s too late.

Home Management

Stay on top of regular home maintenance tasks, such as changing batteries in your smoke detectors, store basic information about your home (year built, purchase price, etc.), and keep track your home’s property assessment history.

Keep Your Data Safe

Keeping your inventory on your own computer has a significant advantage over online inventory services: You don’t have to worry about anyone using your inventory information for marketing purposes or losing access to your inventory if the company goes out of business. But what happens if your computer is damaged or stolen? Home Inventory has you covered. Home Inventory can backup your inventory to a cloud synced folder, such as Dropbox or iCloud Drive, or to your iPhone and iPad.

Mobile Backup - iPhone - Small

Take your inventory with you wherever you go. Home Inventory Mobile Backup, our free helper app for the iPhone and iPad, lets you backup and view your inventory on your mobile device though Dropbox, iTunes, or over WiFi.


Add items to your inventory while away from your computer with our free helper app, Home Inventory Remote Entry, for the iPhone and iPad. Remote Entry uses your WiFi connection to communicate with Home Inventory while you wander your home and build out your inventory or enter information offline and sync it up later.


Data Entry

Category-level field layouts and the ability to add your own custom fields let you tailor Home Inventory to suit your needs. Flexible data entry features make it easy to keep your inventory up to date. Add photos and receipts by dragging and dropping them from other apps, using your scanner, or from a file on your computer.

You can enter your inventory information using your Mac, on your iPhone or iPad using our free Home Inventory Remote Entry app (which also lets you add items by scanning UPC/EAN barcodes), or importing it from a CSV file.

  • Store important details about your items including make, model, serial number, price paid, date of purchase, and more.
  • Add photos, receipts, and file attachments to your items through drag and drop, file import, or using a scanner.
  • Multi-page receipts and file attachments can be scanned into a single PDF.
  • Add warranty information, including extended warranties.
  • Keep dated notes about your items.
  • Add photos and notes to locations and collections.
  • Create custom, category-level field layouts.
  • Create your own custom fields.
  • Customize the categories, conditions, locations, and collections in your inventory.
  • Built-in currency conversion support.
  • Navigate items by location, category, collection, tag, or view all your items in a single list.
  • Sort the items by name, value, or purchase date.
  • Store policy information for homeowners, renters, health, automobile, and other insurance policies.
  • Coverage analysis features flag items not adequately covered by your insurance.
  • Keep track of regular home maintenance tasks.
  • Maintenance tasks can by synced to the Calendar and/or Reminders apps.
  • Keep a history of your property assessments.
  • Get directions in the Maps app to locations in the contact info, address, and purchased from fields (Mac App Store version only).
  • Each inventory is stored in its own file so you can keep multiple inventories, each with its own base currency and insurance policy information.
  • Import and export data to/from CSV files.
  • Automatically backup to another folder on your Mac (this folder can be a cloud-synced folder such as Dropbox or iCloud Drive).
  • Automatically backup to a location in a Dropbox folder that can be pulled down by the Home Inventory Mobile Backup helper app for the iPhone and iPad.
  • Backup and restore to/from Home Inventory Mobile Backup over WiFi.
  • Password protection.
  • Create your own custom reports.
  • Save a generated report to a PDF file.
  • Built-in item reports give you a complete picture of your entire inventory in various formats.
  • Built-in coverage analysis report helps you determine where you are over and under-insured.
  • Built-in warranty expiration report lets you know which items have expired warranties and which are still covered.
  • Built-in moving report provides you an in/out checklist for making sure all your items are moved from one home to another.
  • Runs in OS X’s security sandbox.
  • Support for Macs with retina displays.
  • Full-screen mode support.
  • Built-in user guide.

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System Requirements: Home Inventory 3 requires a Mac running OS X 10.7.4 or later.

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